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Use of credit cards reduced dramatically

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cashlesscard.jpgAccording to the NBCH, the number of credit cards in Russia, the holders of which used credit limits in April 2020, reduced to 47.4%, down 5.7% as compared to March (53.1%).

Compared to the same period last year, the credit utilization ratio in April 2020 decreased even more significantly (down 6.8% compared to 54.2% in April 2019). The decrease of this indicator in April turned out to be comparable with the drop registered in the crisis-affected Q1 2015, when the limit utilization ratio also fell to 47.4%.

In April 2020, the lowest credit utilization ratio (among 30 regions with the largest number of active credit cards) was demonstrated by Moscow (36.2%), St. Petersburg (41.7%), Moscow Region (42.4 %), the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (43.3%) and the Samara Region (44.9%). In turn, the highest credit utilization ratio among the top 30 regions was recorded in the Irkutsk region (58.3%), as well as in Stavropol (54.0%), Primorsky (53.1%), Khabarovsk (52.8%) and Krasnoyarsk (52.8%) regions.

Against March 2020, the credit utilization ratio was decreasing most dynamically in April 2020 in Moscow (-8.6%), St. Petersburg (-6.7%), and Moscow Region (-6.4%) among the 30 regions with the largest number of active credit cards.