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Russian store goes cashierless with Sberbank and Visa

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ad95ec80c9c0d471177069d863a56bea.jpgRussia's Sberbank has teamed up with Visa and retailer Azbuka Vkusa to open a cashierless store where customers simply take items from shelves and are automatically charged. 

The store is opening after a three week pilot of the AI-based computer vision system that tracks items taken from shelves.

The system, which is similar to the cashierless stores that Amazon has been experimenting with in the US, requires users to download the Take&Go app from Sberbank and link a bank card and email account. 

Then, when entering the store, shoppers scan a QR code before taking their products and leaving. The correct amount of money is charged to their accounts automatically, with a receipt sent via email.

Sberbank says the pilot proved successful, with more than 200 purchases made, helping the partners to fine tune the equipment before a full launch.