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Tele2 develops anti-fraud platform to neutralize substituted numbers

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Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has developed an anti-fraud platform to protect commercial bank customers against social engineering fraud. The platform is integrated with the telecom operator switches and the bank's CRM system and identify different types of events. The system distinguishes calls initiated by the bank’s customer service from fraudsters’ calls even when substitution numbers are used, and helps prevent the illegal withdrawal of cash from customer accounts. Tele2 successfully tested the new anti-fraud platform together with Tinkoff.

 Antifraud platform Tele2 is the first intellectual product in the Russian telecom market designed to combat social engineering fraud. It helps reduce the number of illegal withdrawals of cash from customer cards through substituted numbers. The product is primarily aimed at fraudsters who disguise as a security service of a credit institution and deceive people, obtain bank card information and withdraw funds from customer accounts.

To effectively cope with fraudsters, the telecom operator and the bank synchronize signalling traffic data with the bank's CRM system based on special software. Tele2 further enriches this data with analytics based on big data. Besides, the operator monitors all calls to customers from the so-called A-numbers, i.e. telephones from which bank employees can call cardholders.

Tele2 in conjunction with Tinkoff implemented a pilot project to test the voice call control system. The operator and the bank tested the platform to determine different types of fraud communications: calls to customers from the bank’s substituted numbers, calls to the bank’s call center from false client numbers, calls from “prison call centers”. The testing results showed that the platform successfully identified the source of the call and distinguished real calls from calls from substituted numbers.

Two smart systems in real time exchange data on calls to their mutual customers from the phone numbers of the bank. If a person get a call from the number of a credit institution, but the anti-fraud platform on the bank’s side does not confirm the call, then it means the call comes from scammers. In this case, the security system of the credit institution can quickly block the transactions of the attacked client in order to prevent unauthorized transfer of funds from his/her account.

Tele2 identifies calls from the so-called “prison call centers” based on big data analytics, combining information about the call and the type of facility that initiated the call.

Source: Tele2