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SCOne dual interface products with MIR payment application certified

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Several products have passed the certification: a budget SCOne D20 MIR for volume issuing and multi-application SCOne D80 MIR with the number of additional applications on board for complex projects.

ALIOTH’s CEO Igor Vasilyev told that before the certification ALIOTH has already received pre-orders for the new products. There are two factors explaining this: a growing number of dual interface products and the growing interest from the banks to the local payment solutions, including additional social and commercial services. SCOne platform already have everything onboard - payment application, universal ID application for additional services, digital signature application, Mifare for transport projects and the Mifare-manager for ticket update via contact interface.

ALIOTH certified the first SCOne product with the MIR payment application in September 2016. Today the pool of customers using the product includes more than 20 banks issued in total 500K MIR cards based on SCOne. Whereas the total number of MIR cards manufactured by ALIOTH already exceeds 2M units.

ALIOTH is the leading Russian banking cards manufacturer, payment technology solutions provider and system integrator in multi-application projects.