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New social blockchain platform built in Russia

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The project is designed for an unlimited number of member users. Once registered, each of them receives an e-wallet and the right for a certain quantity of internal cryptocurrency – upcoins.

The social cryptocurrency can be used to pay for some services such as participation in certain events or yoga classes. The new platform allows you to raise funds for a specific business project in just a few days without any intermediaries involved. The process of participation in the platform is tokenized.

The project’s author is Waves, a [Russian] company known for its blockchain platform for issuing and trading digital assets. The blockchain technology is extremely undervalued, says company founder and CEO Alexander Ivanov, and the new social blockchain platform is the first step towards its scaling.

According to Alexander Ivanov, the social project can form a basis to test various business opportunities, though it is a matter of future, as the project is entirely social at present.

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