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Sberbank named among Top100 major banks in Central and Eastern Europe

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sber.jpgRIA Rating again rated Sberbank among 100 asset-wise largest banks in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). According to the report, the bank's assets amounted to $484 billion as of January 1, 2020 (+ 8% y/y). The bank also became the most profitable one among all banks in Central and Eastern Europe.

Sberbank's profit amounted to $13.1 billion in 2019, which is 63% of the Russian banks’ profit in total (or 35.7% of the total profit of all banks in the CEE rating).

The rating is based on the data from the public financial statements of banks, statistical bulletins, and other publications of commercial and central banks. The researchers analyzed the financial performance of the largest banks in 14 countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Estonia. To be included in the top 100 in CEE, the bank’s assets must not be lower than $4.6 billion (compared to the $4.3 billion threshold a year earlier). In general, the rating includes the largest banks from 13 countries surveyed. The list of top 100 banks in CEE includes 29 Russian banks.