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Tinkoff rolls out micro-investing service

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scale_1200.jpgRussian bank Tinkoff has launched a micro-investing service, letting customers round up debit card transactions and put the spare amounts into an ETF. 

A first for Russia, Investment Box is integrated into Tinkoff's main app making it easy to put aside small amounts of money for investing.

As well as rounding up transaction, users can invest their cashback, interest accrued on their account balances, or simply schedule a regular autopay. The money is automatically invested in Tinkoff’s Permanent Portfolio exchange-traded funds.

Ruslan Muchipov, CEO, Tinkoff Capital, says: "The Tinkoff mobile app allows users to set up Investment Box with just a couple of clicks and begin investing automatically. After getting started, customers can earn investment income by simply buying their morning coffee or purchasing food for dinner at a supermarket."