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Russian ruble makes top-20 popular global currencies list first time since 2016

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In July 2021, for the first time since 2016, the ruble made the top-20 popular world currencies with a share of 0.18% in international settlements, according to SWIFT.

Previously, the Russian national currency was also in the twentieth place in this ranking in December 2016 with a share of 0.26%.

In July 2021 the first place was traditionally held by the US dollar (39.38%), with its share in annual and monthly terms slightly decreased; and the second place was held by the euro (38.43%). The share of the European currency increased on an annualized basis by nearly 5 points, but decreased insignificantly on a monthly basis.

The British pound with its share of 5.99% traditionally holds the third place. The Japanese yen (2.74%) and the Chinese yuan (2.19%) also made the top-5.