Forum Russian gas stations and payment technologies 2009

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Forum Russian gas stations and payment technologies 2009.

Topical problems, solving techniques and development prospects. How to expand client base and to increase sales?

On September, 24, PLUS journal holds the first forum “Russian gas stations and payment technologies 2009”, devoted to the topical problemsof gas station business in Russia, ways of solving them and development prospects of the industry as a whole.
Methods of client base expanding and sales increasing; development prospects of self-service gas station networks accepted all kind of payments: cash, cards of international payment systems, fuel companies and loyalty cards in Russia.
The basic theme of the Forum – productive interaction of fuel companies, banks and international payment systems, telecommunication companies, integrators and present operators of the market building an effective payment infrastructure.
This Forum will gather representatives of Russian fuel companies, largest banks-acquirers, and also leading vendors of this field together.
You’d have an opportunity to get to know about success practices of leading fuel companies, and also to get reliable information of actually operating projects in Russia and abroad at first hand.
The Forum “Russian gas stations and payment technologies 2009” is a great opportunity to establish mutually beneficial relations with market players from all over Russia.


Journal:  PLUS Digest 2009

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