First Forum «Cash-recycling in Russia 2009»

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On December, 15, in the Moscow hotel Holliday Inn Sokolniky the first “Cash-recycling Russia 2009” Forum, organized by PLUS Journal, went off.

Its participants discussed the state and the prospects of the ATM and Cash recycling market in Russia, advantages, economic and other benefits of using cash recycling equipment and technologies for banks. And special attention was given to the economic model of the project, the analysis of global trends and worldwide practice (case studies of Japan, Germany, Belgium, South Korea and China).
More than 300 delegates, incl. representatives of the Central Bank of Russia, foreign banks, banks of Russia and CIS, Expert-criminological Center №1 of the RF Ministry of Interior, vendors and integrators, took part in the Forum. Within the Forum independent experts, representatives of banks and vendors made 13 presentations. Also, 15 companies presented their equipment and solutions at the exhibition of the Forum.

Wincor Nixdorf was the Platinum Sponsor and Europeum Group – the Gold one.  There were some Official Sponsors, such as Diebold, NCR, Gamma-Center and Frame-M. and the Special Sponsor - Exclusive Processing Company. And also some companies – DORS, TERION-M, Best Quality Design, Hendz, SHTRIH-M, Delta-Systems, GRG Banking and SERVICE Cash Payment Systems – were Partners of the Forum.

Economic models of the projects, based on the cash recycling technology, and opportunities of efficient counteraction against counterfeiters were he most popular topics of the Forum.

Among key subjects of this Forum were to inform the Bank of Russia, other regulators, and Russian banks about the advantages and the prospects of the cash recycling technologies, as well as to liven up the process of preparing and enacting exact regulations, concerning the application of cash recycling technologies by Russian banks by the Central Bank of Russia.

During the Forum some communicators Acer S200 and PLUS Journal annual subscriptions were disposed of by lottery among the participants.

More details about the Forum you can find in one of the nearest issues of PLUS Journal.

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