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Money20/20: No rehashed content. No sales pitches. No “thought leadership”

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M20E20 CREATIVE_v2-02.png
Money20/20 Europe has ripped up the rulebook on how an agenda should be structured – NO rehashed themes, NO sales pitches and NO fluffy “thought leadership”.

Just 350+ world-class industry speakers driving the hardest hitting questions to Europe’s largest and most influential FinTech audience.

Be part of the conversation fuelling the future of money this June in Amsterdam.

Money20/20 agenda themes include:

1.      Which bleeding edge will become the leading edge?

2.      Where do I play and how do I win?

3.      How do I build a boringly sustainable business model?

4.      How can infrastructure become my unfair advantage?

5.      What does success at scale look like?

6.      Why can’t we get trust right?

7.      Macroeconomic storms: will I need an umbrella, a raincoat or a boat?

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