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Ingenico Group to introduce its first Android-based POS at Trustech

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ingenico1.jpgThis launch represents the third stage of a strategy to achieve greater integration of payment acceptance solutions and business services. Ingenico first opened its Telium Tetra OS to HTML5 apps, then launched the Integrated POS combining a Telium Tetra terminal and any tablet on the market. Soon the Group will extend its offer with an all-in-one solution available to the entire Android community.

The APOS is Android-based and portable. It features a 5.5 full touchscreen, a front and rear camera and enables all payment methods (EMV chip and pin, mag stripe and contactless/NFC). Secure at its core and PCI 4.1 certified, the APOS protects card holders’ data while remaining open to business apps developed on web standards and addresses a wide range of use cases.

"We are pleased to introduce this first Android-based payment terminal. The APOS demonstrates Ingenico Group’s ability to offer acquirers an ever more relevant and comprehensive range of payment acceptance devices to help merchants increase their business efficiency thanks to seamless integration of payment and business services’, said Jacques Guérin, EVP Smart Terminals & Mobile Solutions".

Source: Ingenico