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IBM improves Rostelecom’s Center for Cyber Security operating model

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ibm-booth.jpgRostelecom (Russian company) in collaboration with IBM has started enhancement of the operating model of Rostelecom’s Center for Cyber Security, informed Stanislav Bartashevich, Head of Product Office of Rostelecom’s Information Security PJSC, speaking at the 10th Ural Forum on information security in finance sector.

In particular, IBM will develop an enhanced operating model for the Division, explained Stanislav Bartashevich in his blog on the official website of IBM.

The project scope includes modernization of the information security division operations, which will affect three main components: personnel, processes and technologies. The project works will include training and instruction of personnel on the basis of advanced international practices, as well as design and implementation of a technology suit to automate the work of the Center for Cyber Security, S.Bartashevich added.

Rostelecom’s Center for Cyber Security was established in late 2016. The Center key competencies are primarily aimed at providing information security services to the Company's customers and ensuring security of Rostelecom’s technical infrastructure. To date, the Center for Cyber Security of Rostelecom is prepared to offer its customers an entire palette of information security services.