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Credit history fraud grows in Russia

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Amid the coronavirus epidemic, a new type of credit history fraud is emerging in Russia. Experts already estimate the damage from the cybercriminals’ activities at millions of rubles, and the number of deceived citizens is growing month by month.

Fraudsters benefit from people faced with debt servicing problems and lure them to get a credit history at fake websites. They promise to provide this information to the citizens after filling out an application form and paying the amount of 299 rubles (c.$4.2). Not getting what they want, the victims, into the bargain, provide the scammers with personal data that can be used to steal cash from accounts. More advanced fraudsters even offer better creditworthiness ratings to the victims.

According to the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH), the number of visits to such fake sites grew by almost 70% in March, as compared to February.
Scammers are widely exploiting the theme of coronavirus when deceiving citizens.