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83% of Sberbank customers pay public utility bills online

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Sberbank customers pay for public utility services remotely from their homes far more often, with such transactions amounting to 83% of the total volume of public utility payments (compared to 73% a year ago).

You can pay for public utility and government services, education, Internet, television and other services in Sberbank in various ways. The most popular mobile application is Sberbank Online, which, in addition to convenient payments, allows you to enable an auto payment option. It ensures a monthly transfer of respective bill amount to the service provider from the card selected by the client. On the eve of the day of payment the client will be notified of the scheduled account debiting and can cancel it if necessary.

Making a payment in the Sberbank Online m-app is very easy – you only need to scan a QR or barcode on the bill.