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Sberbank launches P2B lending platform

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Sberbank has launched commercial operation of SberCredo, a proprietary crowdfunding platform, which allows small and micro-businesses raise funds from private and institutional investors.

To get registered, a candidate borrower must have an account in Sberbank Business Online, the bank’s online banking system for legal entities. Companies undergo checks and scoring, and only successful applicants may receive funds for business development quickly and without collateral. Investors gain access to open information about the screened and approved companies, thereby saving time on the information search and risk assessment. The platform is operated by OOO Lending Technologies, a subsidiary of the bank.

Sberbank’s crowdfunding platform investor must be a Russian resident, have an account with Sberbank and be over 25 years old. In 2020, portfolio investment will be available, where investments are divided into small portions and distributed over several loans. OOO “Vydayuschiesya kredity”, a micro-credit subsidiary of the bank, can participate as co-investor.

Investors can invest in an unlimited number of projects for the period of up to 6 months. Profit can reach 20% p.a. and is subject to personal income tax.


Source: Sberbank