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Russian retailers migrate to domestic operating systems sales

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Red OS will be presented in two categories: ‘workstation’ (for PC) worth 3.5 thousand rubles. and ‘server’ (for server hardware) worth 9.5 thousand rubles.

Dmitry Ovchinnikov, Chief Specialist of the Department of Integrated Information Security Systems at Gazinformservice, spoke about the advantages of domestic operating systems.

“The entire market is essentially divided into two parts: corporate clients and home users. For corporate clients, there is a significant plus in domestic operating systems, namely, the availability of technical support and regular OS updates. In today's IT world, keeping infrastructure running without those brings high costs and risks. Now that Microsoft is leaving the Russian market, using their products becomes dangerous. A computer with an installed OS from Microsoft is a time bomb. Nobody knows at what point it can turn into a lifeless piece of iron because of a new virus or hidden features embedded in it by the developers.

Meanwhile, home users have a choice: installing unlicensed OS downloaded from torrents or using a domestic OS. In the first case, it is highly likely that along with the OS or updates, the user will receive a set of viruses and spyware on their computer, which can lead to the loss of banking payment details or make the computer part of a botnet. Therefore, migrating to a domestic OS is also beneficial for ordinary users in the long term,” the expert says.

Of course, many experts may suggest using freely distributed operating systems for free. However, as the experience of the last six months has shown, such free operating systems are not free at all and are financed, and therefore managed by large Western IT giants, Dmitry Ovchinnikov concluded.