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Russia to welcome Android Pay on May 23

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“New contactless payment services - Android Pay Visa and Mastercard - will be launched for passengers of Moscow Metro and Moscow Central Ring (MCR). Starting from May 23 (the day of Android Pay launch in Russia), a special campaign will be in effect till June 23 allowing the passengers  who pay fares using this service, to travel by the Metro and MCC for just one ruble ($0.02),” – informs the Mayor’s official web-site.

Google may announce the launch of a new service in Russia as soon as next Monday. Earlier, the company planned to announce a certain new service (supposedly - Android Pay) on May 16, but the event was postponed for reasons that were not disclosed.

Earlier, Visa named Russian banks, which will support Android Pay from Google. In particular, Visa cards issued by Sberbank, VTB24, Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff Bank, Raiffeisenbank, MTS Bank, Otkrytie and AK Bars banks will support Android Pay. The list is published on the official website of Visa in Russia. 

In turn, Svyaznoy, a federal retailer, analyzed the sales of Android Pay and NFC-enabled smartphones in Russia to conclude that over 3.5 million smartphones supporting Android Pay were sold in Russia in 2016, i.e. 13% of smartphones sold in our country in total.

According to unofficial information received by the PLUSworld.ru portal, MTS-Bank will be the first one to introduce the payment service.