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Oleg Tinkov resigns as Tinkoff Bank board chairman

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Over the next few weeks, Oleg Tinkov will step down as chairman of Tinkoff Bank board and transfer his stake to a family trust. He explained his decision with health reasons.

Stanislav Bliznyuk who is appointed the new board chairman of Tinkoff Bank will resign as management board member.

Six people remain on the bank’s management board: Oliver Hughes (Chairman, CEO), Ilya Pisemsky (Chief Financial Officer), Evgeny Ivashkevich (Chief Risk Officer), Anatoly Makeshin (Head of Payment Systems), Valeria Pavlyukova (Chief Legal Officer), and Natalya Izyumova (Chief Accountant).

The holding noted that CIO Vyacheslav Tsyganov will join the management board after approval by the Bank of Russia.

Source: RBC