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Fraudsters help VTB clients receive repayment holidays

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VTB records activities of scammers who offer to “solve any problems as regards waiving the bank loans" and sell fake certificates of coronavirus diseases.


The bank says its employees processing applications for the holidays are increasingly often faced with fraudsters’ activities. “We record the emergence of fly-by-night firms that promise to settle any issues related to waiving the bank loans. Upon receipt of money, the companies “undertake” to thoroughly consult customers to help them be released from any credit obligations,” the VTB press service said.


 “Other fraudsters take advantage of the fact that citizens in many regions are now in self-isolation and cannot obtain documentary proof of their financial constraints from their employer in order to submit it to the bank,” VTB said. So, fake NDFL-2 certificates (personal income tax forms) and false coronavirus sick-leave certificates are sold on the Internet. “In this way, they are trying to gain access to the personal data of the bank’s customers to further use them illegally for their own purposes,” VTB believes.


The bank notes their readiness “to cooperate with law enforcement agencies.”


Source: VTB materials