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Number of new credit cards issued in July exceeded 1 million

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According to data from 4,000 creditors reporting to the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH), the number of new credit cards issued to cardholders amounted to 1.14 million in July 2022, compared to 1.13 million in June 2022 (a slight increase of 0.3%). At the same time, the issue in July also exceeded a bit the figure of February 2022 – 1.131.12 million (an increase of 0.5%).

Meanwhile, the number of new credit cards issued in July 2022 grew even more significantly (9.3%) compared to 1.04 million in July 2021.

It should be noted that the average Personal Credit Rating (PCR) of a credit card borrower stands at 466 points (within the range of 1-999).

Among the regions of the Russian Federation, the largest number of newly issued credit cards in July 2022 was reported in Moscow (81.6 thousand), Moscow region (60.9 thousand), St. Petersburg (42.3 thousand), Krasnodar Territory (42.0 thousand) and Sverdlovsk region (38.8 thousand).

Compared to June 2022, the dynamics of issuing new credit cards in the Russian regions in July was multidirectional. The best growth dynamics (among the 30 leading regions in terms of the number of loans of this type) was demonstrated by Udmurt Republic (+5.7%), regions of Irkutsk (+4.0%), Leningrad (+3.5%), Novosibirsk (+3.3%) and Rostov (+2.8%).