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June PLUS-Forum sees first-ever Mir card contactless transaction on wearable device

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66f0c2a3252df35faa166af9bbc5d3e1.JPGDuring the PLUS-Forum “Cards, Payments and Mobile 2016” the first-ever contactless transaction on the Mir card was performed on a wearable device. The transaction took place at the NXP stand with a smart-watch powered by WILDCARD hard/software platform developed by the Russian branch of TEDIPAY. The project was implemented in partnership between NXP, a global leader in the crypto-processors development, and CardsMobile that holds a leading position on the Russian market of mobile wallets and Trusted Service Manager (TSM) services.

The development team in Tomsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg together with the NPCS specialists completed successfully the integration of WILDCARD with the Mir payment system. This allows a real-time remote issue of virtual payment cards on wearables, thus implementing the contactless payment functionality fully protected by means of cryptography.

This feature was presented as part of the Mir payment system for the first time. Moreover, earlier the issue of payment cards on the integrated crypto-processor embedded in a wearable device was implemented very seldom, e.g. by Apple on its Apple Watch, and also by
American Express (Jawbone UP4 fitness-wristband with AmEx smart card with NFC-chip).

During the PLUS-Forum a series of meetings of WILDCARD platform developers and top managers of a number of major Russian providers of banking and payment services was held. They discussed plans for closer cooperation in the field of platform capabilities expansion and its commercial launch in Russia. In particular, products for VIP-clients generated a lot of interest; options of WILDCARD integration with the car access control functionality were considered.

Plans for the WILDCARD platform development include tokenization of the existing payment cards of any card system, similarly to the products such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Besides, TEDIPAY showed their interest in the development and implementation of public transport fare collection systems based on the Mir cards.

According to Ihar Bayarenka, Business Development Director, BU Identification, NXP Semiconductors: “With the Global Platform and JavaCard open standards chosen by NPCS as the architectural requirements to its solution, and with NXP Loader Service functionality used for security elements embedded in NFC-devices, the integration of the complete solution was very quick. The hardware was prepared in advance, and porting of the Mir contactless applet, received from NPCS, onto WILDCARD platform took just a few days. Currently, the solution is working successfully, while the contactless transaction demonstrated at the PLUS-Forum is technologically identical to the transactions in commercial operation. The segment of smart-watches is one of the fastest growing segments of the market of wearables, and that’s why new opportunities are open for the Russian payment technologies in tune with the best world trends.”

Source: PLUSworld.ru