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VTB branches begin facial biometrics collection

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This was announced by VTB Deputy President and Board Chairman Anatoly Pechatnikov at a press conference dedicated to the bank’s performance in 2019

“Biometrics will be collected on a voluntary basis. We are explaining, and customers begin to understand the benefits of providing their biometric data at our branches. Now the pilot is underway in three offices, where about 100 persons provided facial biometrics already. If the pilot is a success, we will have this technology implemented in all our branches by 2022. Mass collection of facial biometrics will begin in the second quarter of 2020. This technology will help ensure the security and speed up the service delivery procedure,” A. Pechatnikov said.

As soon as facial biometrics collection has been implemented at the branches, the service will be available in the mobile application of VTB Bank.

It is planned that 10,000 clients of the credit institution will use biometrics by the end of this year. With this technology in place, the transaction limit in the remote channels can be increased.


Source: PLUSworld.ru