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Russian POS Solutions Market and Forecast for 2018-2023 – a new study from PLUS-Alliance

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karta.jpgThe Russian market of POS-terminals remains a very promising segment and it is still far from saturation point. Such conclusions were reached by the PLUS-Alliance media holding in its personified study “Russian POS Solutions Market and Forecast for 2018-2023”.

The study is based on the analysis of the trends and key indicators of Russia’s POS terminal equipment market for the period of 2008-2018. It reflects both global and purely Russian trends and evaluates various scenarios of the Russian practices evolution.

The study is primarily aimed to forecast the actual needs of the Russian market of POS equipment in 2018-2023 and to assess the conditions for its proactive promotion.

The study provides estimated total volume of POS terminal purchases in Russia within the next five years, presents key players and their shares of the Russian market, shows the market segmentation by key consumers with major POS terminal networks in the Russian Federation. The study also includes consolidated data, which show the position of Russia among the leading payment business markets in Western Europe; Eastern Europe and the CIS; major regions of the world, as well as provide a global outlook.

The study presentation is available here.

May we remind you that The PLUS Journal conducts researches of the Russian market and prepares reviews on the following subjects:
  • Non-cash payments market and service infrastructure
  • The market for card issuing. Cards manufacturing, personalization and delivery.  Symbiotic relationship of cards and mobile devices
  • The market of ATMs and kiosks
  • Electronic and mobile commerce
  • Market for ATM and POS terminal maintenance services  
  • Markets of non-bank cards. Transport, social, loyalty cards 
  • and more. 
To order the study, you can complete a form or contact Konstantin Grizov, Business Development Director at the PLUS-Alliance media holding via cell phone +7 925 005 4005 or by e-mail at konstantin@plusworld.ru.