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PLUS-Forum “Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail 2020”: preparations go on

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The 12th International PLUS-Forum “Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail 2020” is scheduled for June 3–4, 2020 (Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, Moscow).

Below are the key topics of the PLUS-Forum, which is focused on the analysis of the current state and development prospects of the cash circulation, banking and payment industry in Russia, EEU Member States and other countries.

·         Cash circulation strategy and tactics. Banks and the state

·         Prospective models for cash handling in banks

·         Coins in banks and retail

·         Customer experience. The new role of branches and self-service terminal networks 

·         Consumer experience as the main “roadblock” to innovations?

·         Availability of banking services for people with disabilities.

·         Payment infrastructure development.  International practices

·         Positioning of branches

·         Faster Payment System and its impact on the cash circulation

·         Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in  cash circulation

·         AI and Big Data

·         Big Data technology based cash management

·         Biometrics in banking

·         Cash collection and handling. New solutions

·         Banks and retail. New interaction schemes

·         IT landscape of a bank branch network 

·         Digitalization of cash circulation

·         Physical and cyber attacks on the cash circulation infrastructure

·         Countering of counterfeiting 

·         Insurance in cash circulation and self-service banking

·         ATM business evolution in the Digital Age

·         and many more

New sponsors and partners of the PLUS Forum:

• Global sponsor Gamma Center Group in collaboration with DoCash (Germany), Laurel (Japan), HYUNDAI MIB International (SBM, South Korea), Suzohapp (USA) brand: Scan Coin (Sweden).

• Partners PBF Group, City Net, LETA, Saltoro.

Earlier, JCM joined as the General Sponsors of our summer event, and Deep 2000 became the Chief Sponsor.

Partners include: NCR, Ritm, Strong Point, Damask, LAN ATMservice, A-BT, Lanter, Sfour, Bauflex, Unicum, LADON-N, GLORY, Beltimpex, SAGA, PILOT, Europeum and OKI, Rosengrens, ATM Alliance, BFS and GRG banking, Unicum.

Hurry up and take your place among the market leaders! 

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The PLUS-Forum is a truly ideal opportunity for your solutions and products to be presented to the target audience, whatever format of participation you choose. The Forum audience is growing year by year and this clearly proves its status as the most anticipated industry event.

If your company has something to tell our event participants about, or you want to share your experience and promote your products/solutions in the market, we invite you to speak at the PLUS-Forum.

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