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PLUS-Forum ‘Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail 2020’: key topics of June announced

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миниатюра_cash2020_en.jpg The 12th International PLUS-Forum ‘Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail 2020’ – the most awaited event of the payment industry – will be held at Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre in Moscow on 3–4 June.

The Forum is focused on the current state and development prospects of cash circulation, banking and payment industry in Russia, the Eurasian Economic Union member states, and other countries.

The PLUS-Forum audience is growing year by year, and this clearly proves its status as the most anticipated event on the market. This does not happen by chance, since cash and cashless will continue their interaction in the market for quite some time.


The key topics of the PLUS-Forum will be the following:


• Cash circulation: new strategies

• Cash мы cashless payments 

Digital transformation of cash circulation processes

RFID technology in the cash circulation

Banking and retail

Banking infrastructure

Cardless ATM transactions

ATM and terminal networks

Security in banking


Cash collection services

Biometric solutions and services

Cash management and cash monitoring

Online cash collection

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in  cash circulation

We invite speakers and vendors to take part in the event. Let us know your decision via email: konstantin@plusworld.ru / tel .: +7 925 005 40 05 (Konstantin Grizov, Deputy Chairman of the PLUS-Forum Steering Committee).

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The PLUS-Forum is a truly ideal option for your solutions and products to be presented to the target audience, whatever format of participation you choose. Hurry up to take your place among the market leaders!

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You can get registered as a delegate here. Hurry up, limited number of seats available!

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To date, the following companies have confirmed their support for June PLUS-Forum as sponsors and partners: Ritm, Strong Point, Damask, LAN-ATMservice, A-BT.

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Official Forum Hashtag: #cashforum
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