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Fintech without borders. Digital Eurasia ”- a new international platform starts in the CIS capital

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In November Minsk will host delegates from the International PLUS-Forum.

In recent years, the rapid technology development has been a key catalyst for almost any business. Evidently, the banking sector and payment industry are by no means an exception. It is not a coincidence, that the basic postulate of the International PLUS-Forum “FinTech Borderless. Eurasia Digital” to be held in Minsk on November 21–22, 2019, can be formulated as follows: the banking efficiency in the period of digitalization is largely determined by the level and maturity degree of fintech.  


The event is organized by PLUS-Alliance Media Holding in collaboration with the CIS Financial and Banking Council, and supported by the CIS Executive Committee.

Not incidentally, the city of Minsk was chosen to become the event venue. As is known, the city is not the capital of Belarus alone, but it is the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Independent States as well.

The event organizers find this significant. In fact, one of the key tasks of the PLUS-Forum is to analyze the international banking and fintech experience, which will facilitate the promotion of the best global business practices in the field of digital technologies on the CIS, EEU and other neighboring markets.


The PLUS-Forum will bring together representatives of national regulators, relevant ministries and agencies of the CIS and EEU member states, banking sector, as well as representatives of fintech community of the world’s major economies, including countries of Southeast Asia and other regions. The total number of participants will exceed 300.

PLUS-Forum delegates from many countries will be able to get familiar with the innovations from the most advanced companies of the world and the CIS countries and to learn how they are applied by various financial institutions.

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 At the same time, the PLUS-Forum will offer a direct access to promising projects of the Commonwealth countries and other participants.

The PLUS-Forum’s business agenda includes discussion of the most topical issues related to the further development of banking and payment business in the Commonwealth member states.

The main topics of the event include:

• Fintech in the key markets. Current situation, trends, regional specifics, prospects;

• Banking, payment industry and remote services. International practices – how much are they applicable to the realities of the CIS, EEU and other markets?

Open Banking. Open APIs and the global practices

Economics of ecosystems. Financial marketplaces

Remote identification as a missing element of the digital transformation. Anti-monopolization of the market. From the brand competition to the service competition

Biometric identification in retail banking. Best practices and business cases

Acquiring today and tomorrow. Finding a compromise among market participants. Fees regulation

The role of e-commerce in the development of the CIS countries. Feasibility of the balance between catalysts and constraints. Opportunities for new business strategies and technologies

P2P transfer market: under special focus of the regulators, banks and telecom. Pseudo-acquiring – should we turn it into real acquiring?

Instant (faster) payment systems as а new development vector of the payment markets

Lifestyle banking - a new banking philosophy

Using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data to create new quality banking and payment services

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in banking and cash circulation

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Is there life after hype? The practice of creating a nationwide cryptosystems.

Development of national payment systems. Integration. Areas of interaction

National digital currencies. Goals, objectives and implementation tools

The gap between technological development and security technology. How to bridge it? 

Other topical issues to be discussed by the   PLUS-Forum participants include the shift of priorities in the payment industry, banking and fintech; financial services in the digital era; new acquiring business models and their implementation; cyber resistance and new threats; the best retail banking practices.


In 2019, the International PLUS-Forum will be held in the capital of Belarus. The venue address: Beijing Hotel, 36 Krasnoarmeyskaya str., Minsk.


Register now on the official website of the PLUS-Forumfintech.plus-forum.com!

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