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25.11.2021   Tashkent, Uzbekistan

PLUS-Forum ISLAMIC FINANCE in Central Asia

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Organizer PLUS Forum,   PLUS-Forum ISLAMIC FINANCE in Central Asia
The Forum programme is focused on the Islamic economy in the modern world and includes discussion of the most pressing issues related to the development of Islamic finance and Islamic banking, digital banking, fintech and innovations in Islamic banking, as well as financial services in the digital age.

The Forum platform is an ideal place to: 
  • search new customers and develop relationships with existing ones
  • support your company's brand
  • establish new business contacts with the banking industry stakeholders, vendors, experts and market regulators.
  • Islamic economic paradigm and Islamic banking in the modern world
  • The role of international organizations in the development of the Islamic economy
  • Islamic finance: basic principles and limitations
  • Analysis of advanced products of Islamic finance and banking
  • Islamic takaful insurance. Demand for it. Problems
  • Islamic mortgage
  • Islamic finance. Principles of the use of credit cards
  • Digital banking, fintech and innovation in Islamic finance
  • Fintech as a driver of financial products development in Islamic banking
  • Central Bank Digital Currency Project (CBDC)
  • «New marketing», «personalization of sales» or design-based thinking in creating new products and services
  • Faster (instant) payments systems. Practices. Prospects
  • Cross-border remittances market. Strategies and technology
  • Cryptocurrency industry. Best practices and prospects for nation-wide crypto projects
  • Retail in the context of digital transformation
  • Electronic commerce in Central Asian countries. New business strategies and technology
  • Transformation of the largest retail market into a marketplace is one of the interesting challenges for Central Asian countries
  • Payment systems and fintech. Transformation of traditions; SMEs in Central Asian Countries
  • and more