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Soum symbol to be enhanced

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The soum symbol, approved by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan in early June, will be enhanced and reviewed by foreign experts, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Botir Zahidov said at a press conference.

 “I tried my best to read as many comments as possible. Unfortunately, there is no solution that everyone would like. But it is important to understand one thing: we have formed the jury not from among the employees of the Central Bank, but from among professionals. There were several thousand applications, with many works simply repeating the symbol of the American dollar and the European euro. The jury selected the most appropriate, in their opinion, version. But this does not mean that the symbol will be approved in that form. We will invite foreign specialists to finalize it,” he said.

  Botir Zakhidov informed that the soum symbol met with a mixed reaction of the people. A full-fledged approval and adoption of the symbol may take several years. Now the Central Bank plans to involve banknote design and manufacture specialists from abroad in the soum symbol finalization activities.

 The symbol is to be refined so that it can be easily written by hand or printed, says Central Bank of Uzbekistan Head Mamarizo Nurmuratov. He assured that the chosen item is not a constant, and serious adjustments, if any, will be definitely made.