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Sberbank and Google organise Hangouts for businesses working remotely

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Sberbank and Google are to run a series of online business seminars, or Hangouts, to dole out advice to companies running their operations remotely during the Coronavirus clamp down.

Small and medium-sized businesses that work in the industries most affected by the spread of Covid-19 will take part in the video courses, which will address issues hamstringing many industrial sectors.

Lecturers will explain the difficulties their businesses faced and the measures they are already taking to compensate for waning demand and revenue. Thanks to the Google Hangouts service, all participants will take part in the project remotely without leaving their homes.

The first online workshop is about 'Peculiarities of Remote Work and Efficient Organization of Remote Office'.

The master class will be carried out by Vladislava Drutko, a neuropsychologist who has a 20-year HR experience in banking, insurance and consulting. The lecture will outline key aspects of remote work, talk about personnel management nuances of a remote office and main mechanisms for managing a team when working from home.

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