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Rossvyaz seeking concept developer of eSIM implementation in Russia

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The Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz) has announced a tender to develop a concept for the use of electronic SIM card (eSIM) in Russia.

The tender for the maximum contract cost of 15 million rubles was announced on March 31, according to the information from the public procurement website. The contractor will have to complete the work by mid-December 2020.

Under the contract, the contractor will undertake as follows:

Provide proposals as regards eSIM user identification and authentication. Biometric data are supposed to be used for remote identification.

Study the applicability of information security technologies in eSIM, in particular, domestic cryptography. The contractor will analyze how they can be used in the networks of foreign telecom operators, for example, if the subscriber is in roaming, as well as how foreign cryptography based devices can operate in Russian communication networks.

Draft a list of regulations that need to be adjusted for the implementation of eSIM.

Conduct patent research “insofar it concerns the possibility of developing eSIM operating on domestic cryptographic algorithms.”

Study international experience of the technology use and the results of Russian pilot projects.