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One third of Russians opt for traditional money saving methods

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According to a study by Sinara Bank, every third Russian prefers traditional money saving methods: 21.6% and 21.8% of the respondents plan to open a deposit or savings account, respectively, by the end of the year. Taking into account possible intersections of these two segments, the share of such citizens will be at least 33%.

At the same time, 5% of Russians interested in opening a deposit, and 8% interested in opening a savings account, have neither deposits nor savings accounts at present. It is with a view to this particular customer segment the banks offer higher rates to new customers.

17% of respondents intend to apply for a debit card, 16% – a salary card, 14% – a credit card. 13% of respondents are ready to become investors or invest in mutual funds, and 7% are ready to open a “metal” account.

Relatively small number of respondents are going to take out loans. Thus, 12% of respondents plan to get a consumer loan, 11% – a mortgage, 10% –  a car loan. 7% of respondents think about getting a loan at a retail outlet.

The most popular banking services and facilities are debit and salary cards (73% and 67%, respectively) and utility bill payments (65%), while 78% of the population use a mobile bank for everyday transactions. In addition to the main areas, the list of the most popular products includes money transfers – 60% of respondents use this service.