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Nicaragua is ready to discuss Mir cards acceptance

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“We are currently examining various cooperation options with respect to finances. So far I don’t know how the Mir card functions. We are studying the matter. We are open to different scenarios of banking and financial intercommunications,” answered the minister, when asked about cooperation with Russia.


According to the Bank of Russia, a record number of bank cards was issued in Russia from April through June – 27 mln, being twice as much as compared to Q1 (12 mln). The regulator also reported the all-time high number of card transactions. At the same time, after an increase in Q3, the total number of cards reached 370 million, of which 331.3 million were charge cards. As experts explained to Kommersant, this is due to the rush demand for Mir cards after Russian credit institutions were disconnected from SWIFT and other international payment systems (IPS), as well as due to the operation of the Russian travel cashback program.


After the Russian credit institutions were disconnected from SWIFT, the country has been rearranging its financial ties towards Asia markets to facilitate its trade and financial settlements.