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Natalia Kasperskaya stands for ‘digital code’

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The InfoWatch Group president noted that as of today, data are mostly collected and processed in the gray zone.


This brings about the abuse and misuse of information. In particular, she cited intrusive advertising, theft of data by financial fraudsters, blackmailers and illegal realtors, as well as violation of person’s rights to privacy by government authorities.

“There should be a comprehensive 'digital code'. This difficult work still lies ahead. Should we fail to stop the collection of personal data by any Tom, Dick or Harry, we will be in for digital ‘Fukushimas’,” said Natalia Kasperskaya. She expressed a belief that the state must protect the privacy of citizens.

 According to Kasperskaya, a law on digital identity, a law on the right to identity privacy and a law on user data circulation should be adopted in Russia.

Source: Izvestia.