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Finance ministry wants to tax foreign digital services companies

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This was stated by Deputy Minister Alexey Sazanov in an interview with accounting firm KPMG. 


 “Large foreign digital services companies are generating profits from the services they provide in Russia, which in principle are not currently taxed in our country, because it is often the case that such companies do not have representative offices here. Therefore, we will strive to change the situation and tax this profit,” Sazanov said.

 He added that the idea of ​​“digital tax” is a global trend. At the same time, OECD is discussing introduction of a supranational tax that would be distributed between countries. Sazanov noted that there has been no progress in this regard so far, because of the introduction of a “digital tax” by some countries individually. Thus, in England, the first year of the digital tax in place will end in late March 2021.

 The deputy minister said that the final decision on the introduction of a “digital tax” in Russia has not been made yet.