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Central Bank and Cabinet of Ministers to work out remote biometric identification mechanism for non-residents

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The Bank of Russia will continue the development of the remote identification mechanism based on the Unified Biometric System (UBS), which makes it possible to digitize all financial, non-financial and government services and improve their accessibility for consumers. This is stated in the Russian Financial Market Development Programme for 2023 and the period of 2024-2025, published by the Bank of Russia.

“Besides, the Bank of Russia, together with the government of the Russian Federation, will study the issue of extending the biometric identification method to non-resident individuals without their visiting the Russian Federation,” the regulator’s documents say.

The Bank of Russia indicates that the development potential of the remote identification system has increased significantly with the adoption of legislative changes that allow the UBS to be used for the remote delivery of any financial, non-financial and government services to individuals and legal entities, as well as individual entrepreneurs. At the same time, in the future, it is planned to ensure the integration of the UBS and the platform of commercial consents of citizens in the course of building such platform.

“To improve the system ease of use, the biometric data registration mechanisms will be enhanced. A secure mobile application is planned to be used for self-registration of biometric data. In addition, the possibility of a video identification mechanism will be studied,” the regulator explains.