Thank you for using SPAW Editor!
Спасибо за использование SPAW Editor!


SPAW Editor PHP Edition version 2.0 adds following major features:
- resizable editing area
- and many more
- support for Opera 9 and Safari 3 browsers
- completely redesigned and rewritten modular architecture
- floating/shared toolbars
- tabbed multi-document interface
- context menu
- file manager plugin

Installation, configuration, etc.

Basic isntallation is as simple as extracting all the files and uploading to
a directory on your web server. Then you need to rename config/config.default.php
file to config/config.php (if installing for the first time) and you are ready
to start using SPAW. Point your browser to
to check your installation

For detailed configuration and usage instructions refer to integrator's guide
in docs/documentation/integrators.html



SPAW Editor is released under the terms for GNU General Public License Version 2.
Refer to the file docs/license.txt for details.

System bugfix information

Main 01 02

- FEATURE ADDED: added a feature to quickly insert an image (in SPAW 1.x style)

- FEATURE ADDED: SpawFm plugin: optional 'fsdir' parameter to specify absolute filesystem path to directory

- COSMETIC IMPROVEMENT: hyperlink dialog wasn't sized properly

- BUGFIX: SpawFm plugin: "<"?= replaced with "<"?php echo

- FEATURE ADDED: image preview in image properties dialog

- BUGFIX: editing area wasn't editable in Mozilla (and probably older versions of Firefox)

- COSMETIC FIX: spaw2 theme was rendered with cosmetic glitch when used in XHTML 1.1 page

- BUGFIX: SpawFm plugin: fixed failing files listing when current directory has a single quote in it's name

- LANGUAGE FILE ADDED: Spaw FM: Finish (Teemu Joensuu)

- LANGUAGE FILE ADDED: Spaw FM: Finish (Teemu Joensuu)

Other bugfixes:

- Fixed bug #51393 (DateTime::createFromFormat() fails if format string contains timezone). Исправлена ошибка # 51393 (DateTime:: createFromFormat () не выполняется, если строка формата содержит часовой пояс). (Adam) (Адама)
- Fixed "Floating point exception" inside wordwrap(). (Mattias Bengtsson, Ilia) дискотека 80х Nino D'Angelo
- Added mail logging functionality that allows logging of mail sent via mail() function. Добавлен журнал сообщений функциональность, которая позволяет регистрацию письма, отправленные по почте () функцию. (Ilia) (Илья)
- Fixed bug #36825 (Exceptions thrown in ArrayObject::offsetGet cause segfault). (Tony) (Тони) Влияние стрептококков на сосудистую
- Fixed bug #29338 (unencoded spaces get ignored after certain tags). (Ilia) (Илья)
- Fixed bug #52115 (mysqli_result::fetch_all returns null, not an empty array). Исправлена ошибка # 52115 (mysqli_result:: fetch_all возвращает нуль, а не пустой массив). (Andrey) (Андрей) Стас Михайлов
- Fixed bug #41518 (file_exists() warns of open_basedir restriction on non-existent file). (Tony) (Тони)
- Extended the functionality of is_subclass_of() to accept either a class name or an object as first parameter. (Andrey) (Андрей) Эротика
- Fixed bug #47831 (Compile warning for strnlen() in main/spprintf.c). (Ilia, rainer dot jung at kippdata dot de)
- Fixed bug #32759 (incorrect determination of default value (COM)). (Wez) (Wez) Фото приколы
- Fixed bug #46139 (PDOStatement->setFetchMode() forgets FETCH_PROPS_LATE). (chsc at peytz dot dk, Felipe)
- Added support for dynamic access of static members using $foo::myFunc(). (Etienne Kneuss) (Этьен Kneuss) Фотоаппарат Canon EOS 60D Kit 17-85 IS USM
- Fixed bug #28096 (stream_socket_accept() doesn't work with ssl). (Wez) (Wez)
- Fixed bug #36434 (Improper resolution of declaring class name of an inherited property). (Ilia) (Илья) Слава Медяник
- Fixed bug #52636 (php_mysql_fetch_hash writes long value into int). Исправлена ошибка # 52636 (php_mysql_fetch_hash пишет длинное значение в Int). (Kalle, rein at basefarm dot no) (Kalle, Рейн на basefarm точка нет)
- Upgraded bundled sqlite to version 3.6.19. Модернизированный комплект SQLite до версии 3.6.19. (Scott) (Скотт) Михаил Шуфутинский
- Fixed bug #48608 (Invalid libreadline version not detected during configure). (Jani) (Jani)
- Fixed bug #42890 (Constant "LIST" defined by mysqlclient and c-client). (Andrey) (Андрей) Общая гематология
- Fixed bug #38217 ReflectionClass::newInstanceArgs() tries to allocate too much memory). (Tony) (Тони)
- Fixed a possible interruption array leak in strrchr(). Исправлены возможные утечки массива перерыв в strrchr (). Reported by Peter Veres. Сообщил Петер Вереш. (CVE-2010-2484) (Felipe) (CVE-2010-2484) (Фелипе) MP3 Кристина Орбакайте