Thank you for using SPAW Editor!
Спасибо за использование SPAW Editor!


SPAW Editor PHP Edition version 2.0 adds following major features:
- and many more
- context menu
- floating/shared toolbars
- completely redesigned and rewritten modular architecture
- tabbed multi-document interface
- file manager plugin
- support for Opera 9 and Safari 3 browsers
- resizable editing area

Installation, configuration, etc.

Basic isntallation is as simple as extracting all the files and uploading to
a directory on your web server. Then you need to rename config/config.default.php
file to config/config.php (if installing for the first time) and you are ready
to start using SPAW. Point your browser to
to check your installation

For detailed configuration and usage instructions refer to integrator's guide
in docs/documentation/integrators.html



SPAW Editor is released under the terms for GNU General Public License Version 2.
Refer to the file docs/license.txt for details.

System bugfix information

Main 01 02

- FEATURE ADDED: added trimLineBreaks and htmlEncode methods to SpawUtils

- FIX: when using toolbar buttons in Firefox focus wasn't returned back to editing area so that you can type further without clicking inside the editing area first

- BUGFIX: SpawFm plugin: DOCUMENT_ROOT was used in sample 'fs_dir' parameter, replaced with SPAW_ROOT

- BUGFIX: 1.x compatibility mode: unnecessary default values for width and height removed, default (set in config file) theme will be always used in compatibility mode

- BUGFIX: numbered list items where rendered with value="-1" under Firefox

- LANGUAGE FILE ADDED: SpawFM: Turkish (Sitki Ozkurt)

- BUGFIX: when moving focus to other editor in Gecko active editor wasn't set

- BUGFIX: SpawFm plugin: fixed failing files listing when current directory has a single quote in it's name

- BUGFIX: removed unnecessary empty lines at the end of most language files

- BUGFIX: specifying toolbarset as a parameter to constructor resulted in PHP error

Other bugfixes:

- Fixed bug #39121 (Incorrect return array handling in non-wsdl soap client). (Dmitry) (Дмитрий)
- Fixed bug #41709 (strtotime() does not handle 00.00.0000). (Derick) (Дерик) итальянская ретро музыка
- Fixed bug #48190 (Content-type parameter "boundary" is not case-insensitive in HTTP uploads). (Ilia) (Илья)
- Fixed bug #30928 (When Using WSDL, SoapServer doesn't handle private or protected properties). (Dmitry) (Дмитрий) Дифференциальная диагностика Острой узловатой эритемы
- Fixed bug #48400 (imap crashes when closing stream opened with OP_PROTOTYPE flag). (Jani) (Jani)
- Fixed bug #31651 (ReflectionClass::getDefaultProperties segfaults with arrays). (Marcus) (Марк) Фотоаппарат Kodak EasyShare M550, Dark Grey
- Fixed bug #30407 (Strange behavior of default arguments). (Dmitry) (Дмитрий)
- Fixed bug #41555 (configure failure: regression caused by fix for #41265 ). (Jani) (Jani) Музыкальные правила
- Fixed memory leak on SQLite3Result and SQLite3Stmt when assigning to a reference. Исправлена утечка памяти на SQLite3Result и SQLite3Stmt при назначении на ссылку. (Felipe) (Фелипе)
- Fixed bug #37620 mysqli_ssl_set validation is inappropriate). (Georg) (Георг) Celine Dion Селин Диан
- Fixed bug #49517 (cURL's CURLOPT_FILE prevents file from being deleted after fclose). (Ilia) (Илья)
- Fixed bug #29256 (error when sending large packets on a socket). (Dmitry) (Дмитрий) Большие лимфоциты
- Fixed bug #35988 (Unknown persistent list entry type in module shutdown). (Dmitry) (Дмитрий)
- Fixed bug #33019 (socket errors cause memory leaks in php_strerror()). (jwozniak23 at poczta dot onet dot pl, Tony). Юрий Алмазов
- Fixed bug #38474 getAttribute select attribute by order, even when prefixed). (Rob) (Роб)
- Fixed bug #24445 (get_parent_class() returns different values). (Sterling, Stanislav) Зачем мы женимся снова? смотреть онлайн бесплатно
- Fixed bug #32282 (Segfault in mysqli_fetch_array on 64-bit). (Georg) (Георг)
- Fixed memory corruption in ImageTTFText() with 64bit systems. (Andrey) (Андрей) Родоначальные клетки
- Added support for the ( and ) delimiters/separators to DateTime::createFromFormat(). Добавлена поддержка (и) разделители / разделители для DateTime:: createFromFormat (). (Derick) (Дерик)
- Fixed bug #35594 (Multiple calls to getopt() may result in a crash). (rabbitt at gmail dot com, Ilia) Животные